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Enter into:

The Kuntalini


You've been hearing the whispers dripping from the dark...

"There's more darling. There's more...

In your orgasm, in your agony, more & more lately, you hear it...

"Darkling... there's a different way to do business.


It's time.

Awaken the Kunt

An Ode to Erotic Genius

  • Oh Erotic Genius - A shiver up our spine, a beast within, growling & ready to UNLEASH. Who is She? Genius…if only we knew how to make her stay.
  • Oh Erotic Genius - You’ve been trapped, beaten & tortured in this dungeon of our own making. One day breathing fire, the next quietly sinking into the softness of a morning bath. Oh, Genius, have we forsaken thee? Were you never meant to stay?
  • Oh Erotic Genius - You’ve given a taste of success, the deep activation of eros through our bodies. You have gifted us with money, magick and mayhem…just how we like it.  
  • Oh Erotic Genius - You're turned off by all the work we have forced you to do for us in support of our expansion - because that’s how we’re told it’s done. We’ve forgotten your wisdom, oh sacred Genius. Endless days, filled with sh%t that doesn't actually feel good. Oh, how we long to know you again.
  • Oh Erotic Genius - Our nervous system is fried, & we’re disconnected from our passion. We’ve forgotten the magick of our business. We feel so cock-blocked in our creation, sex & relationships. Teach us, oh sacred Genius.
  • Oh Erotic Genius - We’ve been very naughty. We’ve had fears about making big investments & leaps of faith. And we are ready to change. We are ready to submit to You.

"Darkling... there's a different way to do business."

Sticky Tape

We're taking you on a Dark Odyssey of Priestesspreneurship:

Vintage Parchment Scroll

7 Initiations of Temple Arts

Dark Entrepreneurship

Orgasmic Biz creation

Underworld Executive Planning

Role Play for Content Creation

Alchemical Kink

Produce from Pleasure/Pain

Serpentine copy writing

Vortexual program landing

Gasm-based planning

Truthlust Listening

Content Dripping

Sticky Tape

These your kinks too?:

White Smoke eani

(you're irrevocably, undeniably - not alone, darkling.)

- I am sometimes hot, sometimes cold. Both in the bedroom & really throughout life. My energy comes & goes in waves.

- My business goes through waves. Some of my offers feel really exciting & fill out quickly. Others have limp d!ck energy the moment they launch.

- I have been drawn to exploring kink & I know there’s more to it than just sex.

I want to learn to work with that eros & I want to do it in a safe and sacred way.

- I experience bursts of growth, followed by months of collapse. I’d love to just establish some stability internally and externally.

- I know I have a gift to share with the world. I know my soul purpose is to share that. I’m just so afraid to be seen.

- I’ve been working to access my erotic power more deeply.

I know that it is the key to my liberation.

- And my favorite, of course: ...if only mommy & daddy loved me more!

White Smoke eani

There's a Kuntalini waiting inside of you, waiting to be given permission to completely take over your business' soul expression. Wouldn't it be amazing to just...


Pet Collar.
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- Mornings are for 7 initiations into the Dark Temple Arts.

- Afternoons are for guided creation time.

- Evenings are for themed, conscious connection temples.

- First half of the week is catharsis, second half is ecstasis.

Medicine Journey with Olivia Ecstasis

Photography by Whitney Brewer

Kuntalini Yoga with Nancy Quevillon

Guest Mistress: Mistress Lucille Ballbuster

Branding Training with Surprise Master Guest


3D Gold Ribbon Illustration


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(payment plan available)




Details, baby:

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- In an 1800's converted

school house

- Food & lodging provided

- Infrared Sauna

- 4 aftercare group calls & a 1:1 session with Liliana

- Photos catching your magick at its highest potency for

ads & branding


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Private Temple

(Outside of Boston)

and by the way...

This portal of transformagick can only contain 13 beings. Content is custom curated for the exact souls that are feeling a shiver up their spine…Riiiighhhhttt…NOW.

Entrance is not guaranteed, & individuals will be chosen based on interviews with Mistrix Liliana whoreself.

Mistrix Liliana will hand select the SOULS & design this custom CUNTainer in a way that addresses the individual need of each seeker while also building group polarity for the ultimate potency.

Payment Plans & Discounts:

Black Brush Stroke

Early Bird:

- $4555 ($1000 off) until May5th.

Payment Plan:

- 6 month payment plan.

- $1000 down upon signing.

- $2000 must be paid before arrival.

Black Brush Stroke


Gently, Teasingly,

- with Seduction in Every Step -

How will you Enter into the Darkness?

Where Genius hides, behind the deepest Shadow of your Darkest Desire...

Where Ecstasy plays at the feet of your Kuntalini-Starved Busy-mess...

Where Nothing is Known and Everything is Created.

Cum now, it Cannot Wait -

Pink Shiny Sticky Tape Texture

Tits & Moanials:

Watercolor Paint Stain


"What it's like to be in magic with Liliana?... <moans intensely for 2 minutes>...It's getting hot already!..I feel like whenever I am in her field, she brings me to presence. Whatever is unsettled - not integrated in my system - she asks a question or prompt that elicits the most authentic, true response from me. Like, radical, hardcore, aint-running-from-this shit truth. But, there's also this playfulness - this trickster energy - that allows me not to take myself too seriously. To embrace more of myself. So, although she is hardcore & radical, I never feel judged. It's all about radical self-acceptance, surrendering to what is - the true way of the dark feminine - not trying to change it but consciously choosing when to be in it & when to not. For me, this is so empowering, because I would get stuck in patterns of judgement, ' I am trying to achieve X, trying to prove myself as this enlightened, tapped-in being, by XYZ.' And by being in this more playful, authentic exploration, I get to explore & try sh%t, say no, change my mind & turn shit on its head! That's how I feel playing with Liliana! In every container, she's brings forth what I most need to see & to look at in myself. And then helps me to take risks, have fun doing it, step up to those edges, try things out & see how it feels. She's a bad@ss, she's a powerhouse!

Golden Picture Frame Cutout
Dark Smoke Frame

Tits & Moanials:

Watercolor Paint Stain


"Liliana has a gift for sacred space-holding that I think is actually rare in the coaching world. Her expertise and skills are solid, but what is truly special is the way she is able to balance compassion with tough love, holding her clients accountable to their desires and authenticity. I appreciate a coach willing to tell you the hard truth, but allow the truth to transmit from the heart."

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Mistrix Liliana Coventina

Black Brush Stroke


Shamanatrix Extraordinaire

Priestex of Sacred Surrender

Sexuality Educator

Intimacy Oracle

DragonRose Lineage